Gram Stain of Clinical Specimens


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This lab is divided into 3 parts

  • An introductory demonstration of performing a Gram stain
  • Seven (7) cases (with computerized slides)
    • Work individually through each of the 7 cases taken from infections seen at MUSC, carefully examining each slide and answering the questions about each case. Each slide generally has 5 microscopic fields to click on to give you the impression of reading the slide. Do not look at just one with a real Gram stain, one field on a slide may not contain the same organisms as another field.
    • Refer to "Reporting Observations", "Gram Stain Results" and "Specimen Gram Stain" menu selections on the left to assist in your interpretation of each slide.
    • Click on your response to each question for feedback.
  • The review/evaluation exercises must be completed in Moodle to receive credit for the lab.
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