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Our Mission

To serve patients, health care providers, research scientists, scholars, and society by providing excellence and innovation in diagnostic services and educational resources in a respectful, professional and culturally diverse atmosphere.

Our Vision

To become a preeminent leader in academic anatomic and clinical pathology while translating basic science discovery to improved clinical care.

Dr. Watson's Lab Scrapbook

July 2008 Summer 2010

Watson, Turner, Finlay and LaRue Laboratories

Paloma Santana, David Turner, Jessica Rich, Dennis Watson, Melissa Scheiber, Darren Preece, Victoria Findlay, Erica Nelson, Craig Kutz, Mandy LaRue, Daniel Neitzke, Patricia Watson, Mohammad Dahrouj.
July 2008 January, 2010

Standing: David Turner, Victoria Findlay, Brent McCarragher, Dennis Watson

Seated: Patricia Watson, Melissa (Morris) Scheiber, Stacey Sigmon
July 2008 July 2008

Back row: David Turner, Patricia Watson, Dennis Watson, Christine Hang, Victoria Findlay

Front row: Marey Lauer, Darby Kirven, Stacey Sigmon
December 2007 December 2007

Dennis Watson, David Turner, Patricia Watson, Victoria Findlay, Suzanne Browne, Phelipe Hurt
August 2006 August 2006

Omar Moussa, Gabor Szalai, Dennis Watson, David Turner, Victoria Findlay, Alex McPherson, James Klein
July 2005 July 2005

Standing: Omar Moussa, Gabor Szalai, Jimmy Klein, Lee Wheless, Dennis Watson, David Turner, Cam Mateus, Patricia Watson, Marie DiFrancesco

Seated: Natalia Kremenevskaya, Melissa (Austin) Riker, Patricia Kearney
April 2005 April 2005

Standing: Ron Feldman, Omar Moussa, Jimmy Klein, Gabor Szalai

Seated: Dennis Watson, Melissa (Austin) Riker, David Turner
May 2004 May 2004

Standing: Gabor Szalai, David Turner, John Yordy

Seated: Dennis Watson, Omar Moussa, Fan Fan
1999 1999

Yian Chen, Rick Peterson, Ron Feldman, Pascale Jackers, Kim Lavenburg, Victor Sementchenko, Michael Wingrave, Dennis Watson

Carroll A. Campbell, Jr. Neuropathology Laboratory (Brain Bank)

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Chairman Dr. Steven L. Carroll
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