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To serve patients, health care providers, research scientists, scholars, and society by providing excellence and innovation in diagnostic services and educational resources in a respectful, professional and culturally diverse atmosphere.

Our Vision

To become a preeminent leader in academic anatomic and clinical pathology while translating basic science discovery to improved clinical care.

Omar Moussa, M. Sc., Ph.D. - Director of HLA Laboratory

Omar Moussa, M. Sc., Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Director of HLA Laboratory
Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Office: Childrens Hospital Room 306
Phone: (843) 792-1794


B. Sc., 1986; Department of Chemistry, Mansoura University, Egypt
Master of Sc., 1991; Department of Biochemistry, Zagazip University, Egypt
Ph.D., 1999, Department of Biochemistry, Mansoura Univeristy, Egypt


Regulation of gene expression during cancer progression and metastasis
Molecular profiling of genitourinary malignancies.
Studying the role of Ets transcription factors in malignant transformation


Lab Scientist: December 1987- December 1999
Faculty: January 2000-January 2001; Urology and Nephrology Center, Mansoura University, Egypt.
Post-Doctoral Fellow: January 2001- December 2004; Department of Pathology, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston
Assistant Professor: January 2005-present; Department of Pathology, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston


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